Healthcare Institutions

Healthcare and medical research institutions are unique, from one facility to another, they all operate in different ways. From busy hospitals to private practices and research facilities, they all function independently but with one common requirement; security.
Within each of these facilities, a common goal is to protect patients, employees, valuable assets and equipment along with access to the building itself.
ievo solutions integrate with the access control infrastructure to help protect patient records, drugs, medical equipment and can assist in monitoring who has access to specific areas. ievo help to obtain clean and contamination free environments by only granted access to these with the required permissions.

  • Can help prevent cross-contamination in research areas
  • Reduces access, smartly and simply to valuable or protected assets - drugs, medical equipment
  • Can help secure and protect patient records
  • Improves employee accountability
  • Helps to maintain accurate data capture for reliable fire and health & safety records
  • Helps prevent risk in the working environment
  • Can help prevent unknown loss
  • Improves overall access control for facilities management
  • Time and attendance software integration for workforce management and controlled access


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