Case Study: Kids Allowed

About This Project

Based in Manchester the Kids Allowed Child Care Centre provides specialist day care services to hundreds of children. Taking child care to a new level, they pride themselves in offering the very best services by listening to parents. This includes making sure the kids are protected to the highest standard.

Customer Satisfaction

ACC Security Solutions provided the installation at this high profile site. Based in Stockport, Cheshire they are a steadfast and reliable company dedicated to the design, installation, service and maintenance of high quality, physical and electronic security systems. Having been a registered Paxton installer for 15 years they also successfully hold the Paxton Gold installer merit for seven years. ACC is “ranked at 8th in the UK amongst security installers.”

Initially the Kids Allowed Child Care Centre used fingerprint readers because it provided parents and families with peace of mind. With no codes or fobs the parents are assured that no one besides themselves can collect their children from the centre.

This coincides with Ofsted’s 2006 “Early Years: Safe and Sound” report that states, “A new biometric system on entrances and exits ensures that only parents and staff whose fingerprints are registered on the system can gain access to the nursery… Parents registered with the nursery can enter and leave while staff continue to concentrate on caring for the children.”

Kids Allowed have rigorously followed these instructions, but having installed a leading biometric competitor they found major problems with the system they initially invested in.

Peace of mind

This is something that ACC had also experienced before. Therefore having researched a biometric solution to the problems faced at Kids Allowed ACC recommended the ievo ultimate reader integrated with Paxton’s market leading electronic access control system, Net2, but conducted a test run of the system before installation just to make sure that staff and parents were able to use it without complaint. ievo ultimate came back with a 100% success rate amongst parents and staff at Kids Allowed.

Three main advantages were established as to why the ievo ultimate biometric reader won the staff and parents vote.

1. With the original system, parents and staff with creams or oils on their skin ere continuously denied access because the reader could not penetrate the substances and was unable to read the print. The ievo ultimate reader uses a multispectral imaging sensor which solves this exact problem. ievo ultimate retains its functionality with levels of dirt, oil, grease, cream or cosmetics on the skin. In addition, ievo ultimate is able to read through some types of latex gloves.

2. The Kids Allowed previous biometric system was complicated to use, so training staff and parents became a difficult task. ievo ultimate has been designed to use visual and auditory sensors which inform the user if they have been granted or restricted access. This user friendliness saved both the staff and parents a lot of time.

3. Kids Allowed were registering approximately 500 users. Their previous biometric system restricted access to below this number. Alternatively the ievo ultimate reader is able to register 8,000 prints. This offers staff major flexibility options as they will not have to worry about limiting parents access on site.

Education, Nurseries

"It [ievo ultimate reader] looks and feels great in the surroundings and everyone at Kids Allowed were really happy with it." - Simon Farmer, Managing Director, ACC Security

"Since having ievo ultimate installed we have had no problems, everything is working beautifully and we can now relax in the knowledge that access is strictly monitored." - Paula Sharp, Project Manager, Kids Allowed

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