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The industrial manufacturing industry can often require unique security systems; with both access control and time and attendance management to help combat contamination and provide clean environments. It is fairly common in the industry to have a multi-tiered security infrastructure which allows different employees access to different areas within a facility, ensuring that health and safety measures are adhered to.
ievo Ltd work with fingerprint biometric data to ensure a deeper level of security that provides both authentication and access only to those who have the required permissions, creating an effective, safe and secure environment for all employees.

  • Additional layer of security for your facility
  • Full access control monitoring over your facility
  • Accurate clock in and out data capture
  • Reliable identification for users
  • Removal of ‘buddy punching’ issues
  • Cost effective
  • No reoccurring costs for replacement cards or fobs
  • Improved health and safety records
  • Safe and secure environment for your employees
  • Integrated system to work with your infrastructure
  • Future proof design - for any future upgrading or additional development of your security system
  • Full customisable and serviceable up to and after the point of sale


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