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Do you have a leading hardware or software-based system that provides a unique solution to your clients? For example, an access control system, time and attendance management system or identity management system? Then you’d be interested to know that partnering with ievo can greatly enhance your system and see you reap huge benefits. 


Our fingerprint readers have the ability to integrate with a huge range of solution-based systems, currently integrating with Datascope, Paxton Net2, Nomical and Keytracker to name just a few. With our cutting-edge fingerprint technology, you can add a much higher level of security to your system and broaden the value proposition for your clients.

How can using ievo biometric fingerprint readers enhance your system? 

Our fingerprint recognition systems have been crafted by an expert team in biometrics and have undergone the most rigorous testing and extensive research. Whether your client requires one reader to manage their access control, or several to track movement and attendance throughout their premises, ievo can help you in delivering a robust security system that works for all involved. 


ievo readers have the flexibility to integrate with systems with a variety of functions, enabling your clients to customise access levels across their entire premises. This works by the reader itself communicating with your access control, or other solution-based system and limiting access according to the rules that have been setup within this system, for example by hierarchy (job role), times of the day (working hours), department or responsibility. 


This means that you can offer your clients a heightened level of security and human resource tracking to different areas and assets within their business, as only those with a fingerprint recognised by the ievo fingerprint reader, and that match the criteria set up on your system, will be allowed access. It’s simple to record a fingerprint and to add another layer of security. The personal verification data used is also better protected when using an ievo biometric fingerprint reader as the fingerprint is not stored by the reader and instead once a piece of biometric data is recorded, it is then ‘written’ into a template, with the original image discarded. This template is a mathematical representation of the original fingerprint, making it impossible to replicate an exact fingerprint image.


The ievo Ultimate™ reader provides seamless, accurate verification and can even detect fingerprints through levels of dust, debris, dirt, oils, creams, water residue, sweat and even some latex gloves. This makes this ievo reader the ideal solution for businesses operating in a variety of conditions including construction, food and drink, health and safety and healthcare.

Why choose to partner with ievo?

At ievo, we specialise in designing and manufacturing leading biometric fingerprint readers for the access control and time and attendance markets. The readers can also be used in conjunction with, for example, your intruder alarm system, key cabinet control, asset management systems, PLCs for machinery control and many more systems. Our fingerprint readers are unrivalled, combining reliability, quality and innovation to bring you a unique security solution that works seamlessly for your solution-based system. 


By partnering with ievo, you not only receive a superb product that beats its competitors time and time again, but you also gain the advantage of having a team of experts on-hand to help with the deployment, training and education that can be necessary with such a product. We are also able to provide a comprehensive demo of our products, free of charge, so that you can be sure you have all the information you need to efficiently integrate our readers with your system in a way that works for you and your clients. 


Our readers are designed for seamless integration, already working with a large number of security and other systems. This means that the readers can be integrated into a host of access control systems, other security products and a wide range of other systems to offer a wide breadth of flexibility in a business’s day-to-day operations. Each reader is provided with an easy-to-use software development kit to ensure you can integrate with your systems and make it work accurately for your business needs. 

“We are proud to be working with ievo to provide integrated biometric access to our intelligent cabinets, to the customer the integration means that they don’t need to rely upon swipe cards or PIN, providing an ultra-secure system for managing their valuable keys.”

– Adam Smith, Business Development Manager, Keytracker

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