Case Study: Allam Marine

About This Project

The £4.5 million Allam Marine office building within East Yorkshire has chosen the ievo biometric readers to control the buildings access. This high profile installation, completed by Cobus communications, reflects not only the reassuring reliability of both the ievo ultimate and ievo micro but also their great aesthetics making them the optimum choice for securing an office.

“As the leading UK manufactured biometric manufacturers, ievo products are highly reliable and easily configurable, which made it an easy decision when deciding which biometric units to use for this client that had requested a bespoke setup. Cobus have used the ievo products in the past for a number of access installations as they have proved highly successful.
This particular client had very high standards and he wanted a particular look for his door access system along with a specific set of access requirements. The ievo fingerprint readers were connected to a Paxton Net2 Pro system and configured for a number of different actions depending upon the specific finger offered.” Cobus Communications Group

This specific system involved a circlelock as Allam Marine required standard access along with secondary opening actions from dedicated readers elsewhere in the building. The system was specifically designed in order to provide the ability to “latch” open the circle lock in the event of corporate open days.

How The Circlelock Access Control Works

The member registers their print upon joining the business. This print now acts as the identification method, replacing the traditional identification card. When the member arrives at the offices they simply press their finger onto the reader and this opens the first door of the Circlelock. The Circlelock consists of two sliding doors, which will open one after the other, creating an interlocking security booth. The access-control system is a bi-directional security door allowing entry and exit in turn.

Commercial Properties

" The bespoke circle lock access system at our Melton site was unique in that it was the first one of its kind in the UK using ievo biometric access solutions. Our requirements were highly complex however we found a solution from ievo which answered all of our specific requirements. Since the installation, completed by the Cobus Communications Group we have been extremely satisfied with the installation which has met our demands and it is outperforming all of our initial expectations." - Martin Conley, IT Manager, Allam Marine

" This was the first time we’ve installed the internal ievo micro units and we found them simple to install as well as giving the client the exact low profile look he wanted." - Vicky O’Grady, Cobus Communications

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