ievo Two Line Screen

ievo Two Line Screen

The ievo Time & Attendance Display is a two-line Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which synchronises with a Network Time (NTP) server and an ievo biometric solution.


Designed to provide a visual confirmation of the time and date recorded against access/entry events; as logged by an integrated access control or time and attendance system.

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Key Features:

LCD screen (2×16 character white text on black)

Display Users ID – as identified by an ievo biometric reader (purchased separately)

Easily managed settings (via dedicated web interface)


Technical Specifications:


CommunicationTCP/IP (network connection required)
IP AssignmentDHCP or Manual
DimensionsW: 120mm
H: 80mm
D: 30.7mm
(wall mounts spaced horizontally at 75mm between centres)
Power Supply Voltage/Current12VDC 170mA
ConnectionsPower & Ethernet (required)

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