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No matter what industry your business belongs to, it goes without saying that your premises requires some level of security. Biometric technology is now used far and wide for a multitude of security and operational reasons in leading businesses across the globe. In fact, a recent study suggested that almost 90% of businesses will use some form of biometric authentication by the year 2020. If you’re ready to step into the future and secure your business with leading fingerprint technology, then read on to see how ievo can help you achieve just that.

How can biometric fingerprint readers help your business? 

ievo fingerprint readers work seamlessly with a huge range of leading access control systems to ensure your premises and assets remain secure at all times, only granting access to those who have the required permissions to do so and whose data is recognised during the verification process.


Not only can ievo readers improve your access control across multiple touch-points in your business, but some integrations even allow you to customise levels of access according to hierarchy and employee requirements. You can alter access on an individual basis according to a wide range of credentials including job role, department, working hours / days and by seniority, status and responsibility. 


When paired with a sophisticated access control system, ievo readers allow you to track time and attendance too, so you can monitor who is moving through your building(s) at all times. This is a great way to enhance the security of your business and even make things easier in the event of a discrepancy, so you can see who accessed which area of your premises and exactly when they did so. The readers can also be used in conjunction with, for example, your intruder alarm system, key cabinet control, asset management systems, PLCs for machinery control and many more systems. 


ievo readers make gaining access to your business far more secure and far more efficient for you and your staff. Lost keycards and fobs will become a thing of the past, saving you time, money and resources, enabling your employees to get on with their jobs as intended. The personal verification data used is also better protected when using an ievo biometric fingerprint reader as the fingerprint is not stored by the reader and instead once a piece of biometric data is recorded, it is then ‘written’ into a template, with the original image discarded. This template is a mathematical representation of the original fingerprint, making it impossible to replicate an exact fingerprint image. Many organisations are implementing this security method to help comply with data regulations and lower the risk of cyber attack and data breach.

Why choose ievo biometric fingerprint readers?

The extensive ability to customise access to areas based on a whole host of criteria means that the various areas of your business have never been more secure. Our products integrate with leading security systems to provide you with a flexible security strategy that can be managed and tailored bespokely to your business. 


We have a range of fingerprint readers suited to all business types, whether you require indoor access systems or outdoor.  The ievo Ultimate™ reader provides seamless, accurate verification and can even detect fingerprints through levels of dust, debris, dirt, oils, creams, water residue, sweat and even some latex gloves. This makes this ievo reader the ideal solution for businesses operating in a variety of conditions including construction, food and drink, health and safety and healthcare, providing quick and efficient access when your staff need it most. 


Need a simple ‘in and out’ system with a heightened level of security? We’ve got that covered too with our ievo Micro Reader. This system is suited to be used internally and adds advanced layers of security to your premises. 


Each of our readers has been carefully designed by a team of professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge at the cutting edge of biometric technology to ensure the ease of installation, use and understanding. We can also point you in the right direction of our network of trusted security installers to ensure our products are implemented in your business accurately and help you to setup your reader just the way you want it so that it works for you and your company.

“After having ievo ultimate installed the system is working beautifully. Our previous biometric system caused us major problems, ievo was able to overcome the issues.”

– Paula Sharp, Project Manager, Kids Allowed Childcare Centre

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