Government & High Security Centres

One of the top priorities for any official building is the protection of employees, or private citizens working, or assets stored within Government-owned or leased facilities. ievo biometric solutions help develop and achieve security standards and best practices for access control and workforce management without compromise.
ievo Ltd systems are ideal for highly secure areas and controlled working environments. Working conditions that required monitored temperature controls can use ievo systems integrated with workforce management and time and attendance software to maintain complete control of environmental conditions such as temperature controls by limiting user access and governing the workforce.
Business critical areas benefit from extra layers of security that are cost-effective, require no secondary credentials for access and provide high levels of accountability for workforce management.

  • CPNI approved products for UK Government and official facilities use
  • Advanced access for high value, sensitive or confidential data storage facilities/areas
  • Operational in low-temperature environments
  • Controlled and accountable access management
  • Secure access for 24-hour protection
  • Provides accurate visitor management data
  • Innovative workforce management integration software options for high-level accountability and restricting access to a controlled environment


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