Sneak Peek at the New ievo Marketing Pack

20 Mar Sneak Peek at the New ievo Marketing Pack

As a leading UK based biometric manufacturer, we pride ourselves in offering the very best after sales care to our installers. After receiving a demonstration or call from one of our account managers you will be offered marketing support to help push ievo readers to the clientèle you currently deal with as well as support for trying to reach new industries that could benefit from the ievo fingerprint scanner product ranges.

As a new form of support to you, we have developed a marketing pack which will include specific brochures for certain industries within your catchment area. Each brochure directly addresses each sector as if it is coming from you, the installer, directly. There are real case studies, press releases and customer quotations to back up our claims that the ievo access control reader really is the best on the market.

As of yet, we have specifically targeted industries including biometrics being used in; healthcare, education, leisure facilities and manufacturing. With additional introductory to biometric information sheets and high-security options. Each sector is specifically targeted for maximum impact instead of generalising each look.

If you are interested in seeing some samples of the biometric products marketing pack or would like more information then you can contact us directly or visit the dedicated marketing support page.

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