Case Study: Morrison Construction Limited

About This Project

Type of facility: Temporary Access Control System for Morrison Construction Limited site
Location: New Anderson High School, Lerwick, Shetland Island.
Installer/Provider: Shetland Facilities Management (SFM) Security and GTS Direct

ievo provide robust, dual zone, biometric access control

Morrison Construction Limited (part of the Galliford Try Group) is Scotland’s leading contractor with a strong offering in construction, investments and facilities management. Working as the prime contractor for the new Anderson High School and Halls of Residence project, Morrison Construction employed SFM Security to source and supply an integrated access control system during the construction phase of the project.

Project Objectives:

SFM Security were tasked with installing a high-tech robust temporary access control system for two zones during the construction period. The two zones covered the construction of the new school building, and the construction of the halls of residence.

The chief operational requirements for the project was to provide an integrated access control system that could deliver:

  • An accurate count of total persons on site (POS);
  • An accurate count of workforce operating in each of the two zones, by company and trade discipline;
  • HSSE requirement, to audit who is on site at any one time;
  • Print a roll-call by Zone and Zone area, in the event of an emergency;
  • Provide robust time & attendance;
  • Capture data and metrics required for project schedules, board of directors, project controls.

The provided solution also had the remit of maintaining full operational status in the persistent inclement weather conditions known in Shetland.


Shetland Facilities Management Security outlined the solution as an integrated platform, combining the Paxton Net2 access control system with ievo biometric fingerprint readers. SFM Security in collaboration with GTS Direct, designed two security portals, (one for each zone of the project) consisting of two 20ft ISO containers, installed with 2 full height bi-directional turnstiles. The ISO containers were ‘tunnel’ styled by design (i.e. doors at each end) providing efficient through-put and foot-fall at peak and off-peak times. In total, 8 ievo ultimate readers were installed, 2 on each turnstile; and an ievo (USB) desktop enrolment reader for registering employee fingerprint templates was placed in the control room.

ievo Ltd were selected over Mifare/SMART cards from lessons identified and learned from similar projects in Shetland. Mitigating issues with lost, damaged, shared or stolen ID cards biometric technology was chosen to reduce any vulnerabilities in access control. After conducting extensive market research and analysing the best product for task SFM Security found that ievo products came out on top and met all operational criteria areas; cost, readability, reliability, ease of integration and robustness (IP65 rating).


Meeting all operational requirements, the installation and operation of the solution has been bedding in effectively. Morrison Construction Limited staff liked the ease of enrolment of fingerprints, ease of creating accurate and reliable reports, and the user friendly graphical user interface.


" Logistical issues with using SMART cards alongside a large workforce we always found problematic. Using ievo’s biometric solution allows us to save costs whilst also improving efficiency. ievo devices are easy to install, robust, operational in harsh climates and working conditions and surpass all our operational needs. ievo provided the perfect biometric security solution and we are already planning on using them for our next project." - Simon Orchard, Director of Security, Shetland Facilities Management

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