ievo is the Ultimate Biometric for Luxury London Department Store

15 Oct ievo is the Ultimate Biometric for Luxury London Department Store

Three separate installs of ievo ultimate biometric readers have been used within the cash office and vaults of a luxury department store in London utilising the Feedback evolution software for access control.

Fully integrated with the Feedback Data software, the first ultimate fingerprint system controls access using a dual security ‘airlock’ installation where the second ultimate biometric reader will not grant access until the first secured door is closed. This ensures that authorised personnel are the only individuals within the enclosed space, enhancing security and efficiency on site.

The other installations within the vaults again utilise the robust ultimate fingerprint scanner in a similar manner. All of these systems are enhanced by the evolution integrated software from Feedback, which provides the client with an added benefit of easy to enrol for management purposes and works excellently alongside ievo as an access solution.

ievo Ltd managing director Shaun Oakes, commented on the install saying, “We have always been at the forefront of high profile installations and this is no exception. With our ultimate biometric product recently receiving a CPNI (Centre of Protection of National infrastructure) accreditation, securing high-security vaults and cash offices, the user has peace of mind that their goods are protected to the highest possible standard.”

Mark Bird, managing director of Feedback Data commented on the install saying, “We have been working with this client for over 25 years and having already provided them with unparalleled security throughout the retail store, we decided upon the ievo ultimate fingerprint reader to help secure these highly sensitive areas because it is the best on the market for biometrics. We are very selective of what products we supply and install and having chosen ievo as our preferred biometric, we knew that our well-established clients would be more than satisfied with the solution we provided”

Find out more on the ievo ultimate biometric reader product page.

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