ievo: Helping Biometrics Secure Construction Sites

28 Sep ievo: Helping Biometrics Secure Construction Sites

Biometric solutions are becoming widely excepted as a simple and secure solution to many issues raised with construction site security.

Sites like the 2012 Olympic Park in London, UK implemented biometric technologies during construction to help with both time & attendance and security access control, many of the devices are still in use. Likewise, Crossrail railway construction sites (UK) employ fingerprint readers to provide security and increase health and safety measures, another key element that biometrics can help improve.

Regarding ID Magazine have published an interesting article in the Fall2015 edition, offering an interesting insight to the unique use of biometric technologies in the construction industry and gives some great examples of their uses and benefits to security solutions. Read the article in full here: Regarding ID Fall2015: Biometrics Securing Construction Sites 

“Adopting a biometric technology is the first line of defence, not just for the security aspects but also for health and safety implications” – Shaun Oakes, ievo Ltd.

ievo Ltd offers solutions that not only work in a variety of harsh environments (including extreme rain and -20 degree conditions), but are also fully functional with levels of dirt, grease, cream and latex gloves present on the skin.

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