Argus Global Joins Forces with ievo to Enhance Biometric Applications

17 Apr Argus Global Joins Forces with ievo to Enhance Biometric Applications

Leading supplier of biometrically-enabled applications, Argus Global, has further developed its partnership with ievo Ltd expanding their use of ievo leading fingerprint technology within their applications.

The ultimate and micro multispectral fingerprint readers from ievo have been successfully integrated with Argus’ CornerSafe Electronic Key Safe Solution for secure key safe management and are operating in Government institutions across Australia.

Argus today announced the launch of their CornerBlade and VIOSK solutions.

CornerBlade is a biometric data centre and server rack touchscreen kiosk-based access solution offering secure auditable access on a floor, room, and rack-by-rack basis for data centres and corporate computer rooms alike. Securing access privileges records are central to Data Protection. If you’re in IT, you’re in Data Security!

VIOSK is a fully integrated biometric visitor management kiosk for self-check-in of visitors in busy high-security offices where there can be over a thousand visitors a day. Being able to simply touch the screen, identify, have your pass printed and your visitor alerted by email and SMS with full audit trail is enormously attractive to both visitors and corporations alike for reasons of speed of service, access and security. VIOSK does away with the inefficiency and vulnerability of visitor books… and the queues!

Argus has chosen to partner with ievo Ltd due to the unsurpassed capabilities of ievo fingerprint technology. Unlike standard fingerprint readers, ievo multispectral readers are unaffected by variations in fingerprint quality due to dirt or grease; and they work in even the harshest conditions, for example in freezing temperatures, rain and direct sunlight. The fingerprint readers are ideal for environments like construction sites and are set to be used in a multi-million-pound project to secure the Scottish National Arena at the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Commenting on the partnership, Damien Davis, Director of Argus Global Australia, says: “At Argus, we partner with biometric suppliers who have proven robust technologies that meet our clients’ operational and security needs. Many of our customers operate high risk or high traffic environments where accuracy and speed are critical. Now used in Government institutions on an enterprise scale, multispectral fingerprint technology is proving to be the leader amongst fingerprint technologies. As an integrator and bespoke solutions developer, Argus seeks out and evaluates technology from all over the world. When assessing the ievo technology, it became immediately clear it represented significant advances in accuracy, utility and potential in varied applications. ”

Stuart Ging, Director for ievo Ltd comments, “The ievo fingerprint reader has been designed from the outset to easily integrate into established and market leading systems such as Argus Global’s CornerSafe and CornerBlade solutions.  Our ievo ultimate reader is rated IP65 and has internal heating which was critical for Argus as many of their installations include environments where temperatures are well below zero, therefore providing a reliable biometric that is fully functional in environments where others simply will not. This is imperative to our business ethos and something we clearly share with Argus Global. We look forward to ievo Ltd being represented in Argus Global’s vast portfolio of high profile customers, and generating new business for both companies.”

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