Why your business can benefit from biometric authentication

06 Sep Why your business can benefit from biometric authentication

In an ever increasingly digital world, protecting personal information and ensuring confidentiality is becoming more of a challenge. Traditional keycards and passwords are increasingly vulnerable in the digital era, failing to provide companies with the security they require against unauthorised guests. Ironclad security is critical to safeguarding your employees, customers and data, which is where biometric authentication comes into the fold. The biometrics industry is experiencing rapid growth, with the global market expected to surpass $43 billion by 2023.

Biometric authentication devices use unique traits or behavioural characters, including fingerprints, to allow access to particular users once enrolled/registered. As the biometric access control systems use the characteristics unique to the individual, they afford better protection for companies – among other benefits. Essentially, biometric fingerprint scanners and other readers are the future for business security, and here’s why.


One of the primary advantages to biometric readers is the ability to restrict access. In an age where confidential information is such a ‘hot’ topic, biometric access control systems provide only registered users/or users with appropriate permissions the ability to enter certain levels, rooms etc.

Biometric readers, such as a fingerprint reader, work by determining whether the fingerprint matches the registered template stored within the systems; actual images of fingerprints are not stored. Therefore, the templates stored on the ievo readers, for instance, cannot be replicated and at risk of security breaches. Not only do fingerprint readers reduce the risk of any confidential information breaches, but saves your business the time of continually updating passwords and key cards.


In addition to managing access to areas within a company, biometric access control systems can prove invaluable for timekeeping and workforce management. Time theft can cost businesses substantially and a fingerprint security system will confirm when an employee arrives, and leaves for work. Biometric authentication results in more accurate time logs and fewer mistakes – especially if using traditional time sheets.


We have touched on this point previously, but biometric authentication substantially boosts security to your building and, subsequently, staff safety. Criminals are not able to replicate the template from the ievo biometric fingerprint scanners, minimalising the risk of any burglaries or release of information. Similarly, there are also fewer breaches caused by employee error. For instance, someone may be able to take advantage of a key card left behind at the end of the day, or watch someone entering a PIN code. Likewise, you don’t have to rely on employees to ensure they have their card with them at all times to enter the building, thus improving the convenience of the system.

Passwords are not enough

Put simply, passwords will not protect your business today. Even if your company relies on two-factor password authentication, your company is vulnerable. Most people use the same common characters repeatedly for their passwords, with many relying on birthdays and common phrases to simplify the process of continually updating the password. Therefore, your business is at risk of hackers – especially if the password is then, subsequently, emailed to relevant employees. Traditional passwords are not enough to keep out sophisticated hackers, with the risk of breaches multiplied. In this case, biometric authentication – replacing the need for passwords as a whole – makes much more sense, especially for companies with large numbers of staff. Biometric fingerprint scanners are less susceptible to hackers and less clumsy than continually updating passwords.


Traditional authentication methods rely on employees to keep key cards safe and with them at all times, or to remember a particular code and not share the password with those not authorised. Human error, such as a slip of the tongue or even emailing a colleague with the updated password should they forget, increases the vulnerability of these traditional methods. Biometric fingerprint scanners allow you to accurately track employees, keep them safe and also protect your premises. Biometric readers are extremely reliable, able to detect an individual from an increasing range of templates.


While biometric access control systems do require integration and installation, the process has undergone serious advances. Smaller fingerprint readers can be installed relatively quickly – depending on the size of the reader – enabling you to safeguard your employees and business almost straightaway. Biometric authentication has, in the past, appeared complex, but that couldn’t be further from the truth today – especially as more businesses turn to the method of security. The installation of biometric authentication increases flexibility and access to systems, especially as more systems, devices and products become integrated.


Installing biometric readers can significantly save on costs in the long-term – especially if your company boasts large numbers of staff, with further plans to expand. You only need the initial biometric fingerprint scanner, with upgrades, generally, coming in the form of software upgrades – reducing your costs. Likewise, if you have many employees, you can cut costs on producing, maintaining and assigning key cards.

Ultimately, there are many advantages to utilising biometric security solutions. The growth of the industry suggests the sector is in full swing, with only more advances expected. As financial institutions, governments and other large-scale organisations – including many other sectors – globally move to take advantage of the benefits and functions biometrics provide, this will be the only viable solution for data protection in the future.

If you would like to discuss more on biometric authentication with one of our team, get in touch today. Alternatively, you can read more on our biometric readers.

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