The ievo External Access Control System at Work!

05 Oct The ievo External Access Control System at Work!

Here at ievo Ltd we pride ourselves in showing you exactly what we say our fingerprint software can do. That is why today we have a special picture of our external access control system working outside. Fully functioning amidst weather conditions including rain, snow and bright sunlight the ievo ultimate reader is perfect for harsh external conditions. Not to mention that the fingerprint scanner is also vandal and spoof resistant so end users don’t have to worry about having the system outside or in a vulnerable area.

You can also see that the reader is surface mount which is a popular choice amongst installers. This install came courtesy of well respected security installer Protectorcomms. With over 30 years experience within the industry, they have been installing quality security systems and fingerprint recognition since 2006 and have catered for projects ranging from schools, offices and childcare centres.

More information on the ievo ultimate reader can be seen on the ievo ultimate product page

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