Innovative New Product Micro Attracts Visitors to the ievo Stand at IFSEC 2012

20 Jun Innovative New Product Micro Attracts Visitors to the ievo Stand at IFSEC 2012

Being ievo’s second visit to IFSEC, after last year’s success at the show with the original ultimate biometric reader,  ievo Managing Director Shaun Oakes wanted to introduce the new micro entry access system to new clients and existing installers who would be attending the exhibition.

“When we initially released micro, we intended it to accommodate projects that specifically required internal access control. The ultimate works excellently in all conditions, but for low internal use such as offices, staff rooms and libraries etc we wanted our existing installers to recommend an ievo solution no matter what”

“We knew that IFSEC was the perfect platform upon which to introduce and demonstrate the micro fingerprint biometric and it did not disappoint as we definitely lived up to the standard that we set at IFSEC 2011 with providing innovation alongside quality.”

Visitors at the packed ievo stand also had the opportunity to observe how both products, ultimate and micro seamlessly integrate with access control systems; Paxton, Nortech, ACT, CDVI, PLAN, BSB and Inner Range. This has increased from last year as Paxton, Nortech, ACT and BSB were the four integrators alongside ultimate at IFSEC. Now, installers have a plethora of different options in terms of product choice and integration, depending on their clients’ needs.

“Over the past year, not only have we increased our product range but we have listened to our installers, and extended access control integration options alongside ievo. Depending on what the end user is looking for in terms of security, installers in the UK and globally can now create a complementary biometric access control system with ievo to suit their clients every need.

“From speaking to existing installers at the exhibition, they were incredibly impressed with the support that we have continuously shown them. One installer even commented that we ‘had our products and support options perfected’ and another announcing at the show that they will be using ievo as their preferred biometric in the future.”

“This reinforces our business mantra of not only providing installers with quality products but easing them through post sales with technical, customer and marketing support so that they can continue promoting ievo to generate income for their business. Together we are keeping UK businesses thriving even in these tough economic times!”

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