ievo ultimate Provides Multi-Site Safety Through Cloud Connectivity 

09 Sep ievo ultimate Provides Multi-Site Safety Through Cloud Connectivity 

Kevin James Ltd (KJL) have been developing a new web-based platform that would include security features that the construction industry have been crying out for. The PROStruction platform integrates with ievo systems and products to offer a mobile workforce management solution.

Project – To create a solution that provides greater control over sub-contractor workforces across multiple sites.

Solution – Using 4G cloud technology to allow multi-site management from a single network, the ievo ultimate biometric scanner was integrated into the KJL SaaS Platform to manage the full range of operational and site management requirements. The ievo enclosed power supply provided surge protection and long-life battery, capable of running the scanning stations (in regular use) for up to three days without charging to combat harsh conditions commonly associated with construction sites and mobile deployment.

Results – Using ievo technology, ProStruction met a number of key requirements which would simply not be possible with any other biometric technology. The self-contained system has been extremely well received within OCL Facades and has seen great success from its phase one roll-out. The solution is leading the way in what’s possible with advanced biometric scanning technology in the construction industry.

Read (or download) the full project case study here: Kevin James Ltd Case Study.

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