ievo Supplied for Biometric Kiosk Applications

02 Apr ievo Supplied for Biometric Kiosk Applications

Biometric can be used for numerous different applications other than security. One innovative way in which the ievo fingerprint system has been used is an integration with a membership management kiosk. Recently an ievo reader was installed as part of an enrolment and joining system for gym applications. This is an incredibly practical solution as it saves time and efficiency at the installation site.

Biometric devices such as ievo ultimate have also been used in conjunction with vending machines. At gyms and leisure complexes free drinks are usually part of a premium membership package. Therefore, if the member has their fingerprint registered for door access, the same enrolment could be used to disperse drinks for free but this could be subject to which membership you are paying for each month.

Another way in which this application could be used is with credit facilities. Again this could be useful for leisure facilities such as spas and retreats. Individuals can use the biometric kiosk to ‘pay’ for their treatments and for their attendance to be recorded.

These applications are becoming increasingly popular as people are becoming more aware that biometric fingerprint readers are not just used for access control.

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