How companies across the globe are using biometric technology

08 Oct How companies across the globe are using biometric technology

Over the years we have seen a rising growth of employers making the switch from traditional forms of security and access control to biometric technology, due to a whole myriad of reasons. Biometric technology gives employers the freedom to streamline their authentication process and due to the physical attributes involved in identifying personnel, biometric technology provides a more robust, advanced level of security and access control and management over traditional counterparts. 

Many corporate brands are taking advantage of this new wave of technology by implementing biometrics as a solution to a whole host of business needs. In this post, we outline some of the ways companies are using biometrics as an innovative solution to some of the security challenges many organisations face on a day to day basis.


American Airlines Facial Recognition Biometrics 


American Airlines is one of the major airline companies taking advantage of biometric technology in the US, by creating a biometric facial recognition programme that aims to streamline a customers journey through the boarding process. Customers departing from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport now benefit from a seamless boarding experience, thanks to biometric technology eliminating the need for a physical boarding pass. This one-step facial recognition programme takes a facial scan of each customer passing through the boarding gate to match with the U.S Custom and Border protections database that verifies their identity. If the customer’s passport photo is already on file with Custom Border Patrol, the customer’s verification is cleared within seconds and customers can proceed to the gate in record time. 

This innovative use of biometric technology makes the process of identifying travellers a much more efficient, accurate and secure process and since its introduction to major airports earlier this year, American Airlines have made plans to expand the boarding programme to 75 international gates throughout its global network by the end of this year. 


Disney’s Biometric Fingerprint Scanners


One of the most recognisable examples of a corporate company utilising biometrics as part of their entry structure is Disney, as the theme park has implemented fingerprint biometrics as part of their access system since 2013. Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s entry gates require all guests aged 3+ onwards to scan their entry tickets and place their finger onto a scanner to confirm identification. Though this is currently an optional security measure and customers have the ability to opt-out if they choose to do so, having this security measure in place allows flexible access in and out of Disney’s multiple theme parks, saving customers time switching between parks and helps prevent fraud in the event of someone obtaining access to an individual’s park tickets. 

Disney’s fingerprint system adds an extra level of security that follows the same process as ievo’s fingerprint scanners, by not storing individuals fingerprints. Instead, the reader pairs visitors unique print with a number that represents an individual’s park ticket, allowing access into Disney’s parks with a single fingerprint. The initial fingerprint scan the Disney readers provide is immediately deleted as an extra security measure, making Disney’s biometric entry process a secure method of preventing ticket fraud.


Barclays Biometric Technology


A ‘first of its kind’ in the financial industry, global banking chain, Barclays was one of the first to develop one-touch fingerprint banking access and have since expanded their biometric strategy to include voice-enabled biometrics. This method of biometric technology enables Barclays bank contact centre to identify customers from the first few words that are spoken on their call. Replacing the need for traditional security passwords that are often forgotten and misplaced by a customer, Barclays voice recognition technology analyses each customer’s unique voice to immediately authorise their identity, providing Barclays with a streamlined method of authorisation, whilst creating a stronger barrier of protection against fraudulent calls. 

This example of voice-enabled biometric technology identifies customers by analysing each individual’s physical structure of the mouth and throat, which makes their voice patterns completely unique and virtually impossible to impersonate.


Metropolitan Police Biometrics Fingerprint Scanners


In 2018, Metropolitan Police became the first force in the UK to develop their own biometric technology in a bid to save money, time and become more efficient when it comes to checking people’s identity and recording fingerprints. The biometric device, known to the Metropolitan force as Identity Not Known (INK), allows faster apprehension of wanted offenders by removing the need to return to base, as the INK fingerprint biometric is developed for mobile use. Although similar technology has been used for many years, this new mobile fingerprint scanner reduces the need for frontline staff to take offenders back to the station, allowing the force to remain on the streets for longer, with the ability to cross-check fingerprints and confirm the identity of individuals on the spot. The mobile biometric fingerprint technology communicates with the Home Office’s Biometric control panel, which searches through the criminal database and immigration enforcement database in a matter of seconds. 

At ievo, we have the ability to offer top-class biometric fingerprint recognition devices that communicate with a control board – in a similar, efficient manner to the one that Metropolitan Police have developed. ievo’s fingerprint scanners are reliable, biometric security solutions providing unrivalled internal and external fingerprint readers. Ideal for business owners who are looking for a streamlined way to identify personnel and monitor attendance, ievo’s range of biometric fingerprint scanners combine industry-leading multispectral imaging sensor to provide advanced security measures, with a high level of accuracy and a database that can securely store up to 50,000 fingerprint templates. 

Whether you’re looking for a robust external fingerprint reader than can retrieve fingerprint data through harsh weather conditions and dirt, debris and damage, or whether you’re looking for an efficient fingerprint reader to use internally, ievo’s Ultimate and Micro fingerprint readers are an advanced security solution. All of our products are developed in-house at our UK headquarters and are designed to raise the bar in reliability, accuracy and efficiency.


Biometric technology at ievo

At ievo, efficiency, security and reliability are at the forefront of our inspiration to provide unrivalled biometric solutions. We combine quality and innovation across our range of top-class biometric products to provide a winning security solution suitable for an extensive range of industries. 

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