5 ways biometrics can be used in healthcare

The rise in the use of biometrics is visible across almost all industries, but one industry in particular that we’re seeing a profound use of the up and coming technology is the healthcare sector. In this particular industry, the threats posed from both inside and...

Biometric Spoofing and Liveness Detection

Biometric systems are used more widely now than ever before. If you’re not familiar with what a biometric security system is, then it is a method of security authentication that uses the unique characteristics of a person, such as fingerprint patterns, voice patterns, facial recognition,...

Are Passwords A Thing of the Past?

Passwords have been used for many years to grant access to any number of things, both physical and cyber-based. Whether used to open up a safe, check bank account details or to log into a website, the password serves as a gatekeeper to our own...

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