Biometrics Help to Exercise Access Control in Gyms

10 May Biometrics Help to Exercise Access Control in Gyms

Biometric solution manufacturers, ievo Ltd, have been working to increase security and membership management in leisure facilities.

Working with installation partners Vistec Systems, ievo Ltd provided biometric fingerprint readers to add an additional layer of security to access control solutions installed at gym facilities for both Rush Fitness and Pump Gyms.

Installed alongside the Paxton Net2 system, the installation of biometric devices was to increase both the general access site security, and assist in membership management.

“Vistec’s biometric systems, using ievo products, offers extremely secure and ‘hassle free’ access to Gyms & Clubs. This low cost & simple alternative is the perfect answer for the Leisure industry.” Jon Hardaker, business development manager Vistec Systems.

Case studies for both installations are available:

Rush Fitness Case Study Pump Gyms Case Study
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