Durably designed biometrics for operation in harsh weather conditions

Durable design for operation in harsh weather conditions

Biometric verification systems have gained a name for being the most secure form of access control, but while these systems enhance security, they may not always be the most practical option across a wide range of industries.


This is because the vast majority of biometric sensors, including fingerprint readers, aren’t designed to cope with weather or debris, meaning that industries that work in dusty or dirty environments or outdoors where they’re susceptible to all levels of weather conditions, may not think to implement this technology.

That’s why we created the ievo Ultimate, to combat these restrictions and offer biometric fingerprint recognition systems to all industries. Our ievo Ultimate readers can take on harsh climates, from hot to cold; and a little bit of rain and dirt won’t get in the way either.

Accurate verification

ievo Ultimate readers provide seamlessly accurate verification and can even detect fingerprints through levels of dust, debris, dirt, oils, creams, water residue, sweat and even some latex gloves. This is possible because of the unique multispectral imaging sensor that the Ultimate reader features. This technology captures highly accurate readings of fingerprints, scanning both the surface and subsurface levels of the skin simultaneously.


The reader detects up to a depth of 4mm, using multiple polarised and non-polarised lights to register several reference points to build a true digital image of the print that is presented. This rigorous identification process takes just seconds and can operate through various skin conditions and environmental factors to ensure your assets and premises are as secure as possible.


Designed to cope with colder or warmer climates and environments, the ievo Ultimatemakes use of a heat and humidity sensor which allows continued operation in temperatures as low as -20°C (and as high as 70°C).


Tackling debris

The ievo Ultimate reader is IP65 rated by the Ingress Protection, which means it is protected against dust ingress, protected against low-pressure water jets from any direction and is ideal for external and internal installations and in harsh-environment use.  


This means that even in rain, cold temperatures or under the sun, your biometric fingerprint reader will remain fully intact due to its robust make-up. End-users will be granted access, if they are authorised, even if their fingers have levels of dust, dirt, oil, moisturisers or creams on them. As the reader scans 4mm deep, it can also detect through some skin conditions such as burns and even some latex gloves.


These features may seem extreme or unnecessary for use inside of a regular office building, however this reader is a particular favourite among all our clients ranging across various industries. This is because it’s highly durable, protected from a huge range of potential damages that could occur inside or outside of a building and provide a highly effective access control system to enhance security on a large scale.

CPNI government approved

The ievo Ultimatereaders are assured by the CPNI. This means that they are compliant with CPNI security standards and are approved for Government use across a wide range of key sites and buildings.


Biometric devices must meet a very high standard criteria to become CPNI assured, as these systems must protect highly sensitive data. ievo technologies stand out from the rest, as ievo devices never store a user’s fingerprint. Instead, the fingerprint of each user is coded into a mathematical representation of the print, known as a biometric template. This means that while other biometric readers store the actual fingerprint data on a server or within the cloud, ievo readers never store any data and instead communicate with a control board to see if the print presented matches the algorithm of the stored version.


In more simple terms, the reader does not store any data itself and data cannot be extracted from our readers and you cannot recreate an exact fingerprint. The biometric template recorded is impossible to decode and is useless if withdrawn from the system by an external source (or criminal).


Learn more about our CPNI assured ievo Ultimate readers.


You can rest assured that even with the capability to read thousands of fingerprints, even with some problem conditions of the skin, weather, or environmental factors, our ievo Ultimate readers are highly secure, preventing criminal interception or damage.


While our Ultimate range of readers provide the perfect access control technology across a hugely diverse range of industries, the unique capability in various conditions make this the ideal choice for some specific sectors.


Healthcare, care homes and nurseries

In these fields, you never stop washing your hands, removing and putting on gloves, using hand lotions and antibacterial gels. With the ievo Ultimate™ you can continue to easily access various areas of your institution without having to fumble looking for a keycard and even without having to wait for your hands to dry. The ievo Ultimate™ can even operate while the end-user is still wearing certain latex gloves – we advise getting in touch for a demonstration to see if this could work for your facility. This provides a highly secure, easy to use security system that is ideal for use across the entire health and care sectors.


Construction & critical infrastructure

In an industry where your hands are rarely clean, you can seamlessly gain access to all areas of the site (if you’re permitted!) without first having to wash and dry your hands. This is a great timesaver for the construction industry and with the robust build of the Ultimate readers, you won’t need to worry about any damages that could occur due to the nature of your workspace.


Food & Drink

Again, an industry where hygiene is of paramount priority but also where things can get a little messy. Ensure business doesn’t come to a temporary halt when your staff are moving from area to area with a durable access control system that can successfully detect a fingerprint under many conditions; including reading the fingerprint through levels of oils and even some latex gloves depending on the material and thickness.


Want to know more? Simply read one of our many case studies to find out how ievo readers have improved the security of our customers.

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